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Preferred for their exceptional quality, durability and functionality, generations of culinary professionals and cooking enthusiasts have chopped, cut, and prepped on a Boos Blocks® product. Since 1887, our premium quality cutting boards, butcher blocks etc. have been produced from premium, sustainably harvested North American hardwoods in Effingham, Illinois by experienced craftsmen using time-honored techniques.

Our pride in workmanship and devotion to quality and innovation are evident in our culture and deeply engrained in our products now considered the standard for professional quality and food safety worldwide. Over 135 years of continuous operation make John Boos & Co. the oldest manufacturer of premium hardwood kitchen equipment in the USA.

We remain true to the values that brought us here, yet always work hard to improve the present and shape the future. That way, we can continue to enjoy hardwood cutting surfaces, our planet and our environment.


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Meeting the Demands of Professionals

Culinary professionals and chefs trust the premium quality cutting boards, butcher blocks and other Boos Block® products because they have proven to be extremely robust, durable and reliable in the most demanding professional kitchens. A certificate from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) attesting to the high standards of hygiene, safety and quality of our products also officially qualifies them for use in the USA’s food service industry. In the past, John Boos & Co. has also been awarded the Gold Medal for Excellence in Foodservice Equipment by Chefs of America.

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The Design of Our Products – Timeless, Aesthetic, Functional

The knowledge and experience from over 135 years of design and manufacturing flow into every detail of our products. Whether it is the selection, conditioning, and shaping of our North American hardwoods which captivate with their warm beauty, using a deep sloping juice groove or even rounded corners and ergonomic handles or grips – every detail is thought through and reflects generations of commitment to our customers. Boos Blocks® products are designed from start to finish to meet the exacting standards and demanding requirements of culinary professionals.

Our traditional quality and craftsmanshipfor your cooking experience

Our traditional quality and craftsmanshipfor your cooking experience
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Premium Hardwood from Sustainable, Certified Forestry:The Material of Our Products

The master craftsmen at John Boos & Co. have always had a deep respect for the natural material they use in their craft and the environment from which it is sourced. We only use renewable and sustainable hardwood from North America to make our products. These hardwoods include Hard Maple, Black Walnut and American Cherry. The company also maintains high professional standards and focuses on sustainability in production, which is also reflected in the overall company culture of John Boos & Co.

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Go Green –

Our Commitment to the Environment

As the oldest manufacturer of premium quality cutting boards and butcher blocks in the USA, John Boos & Co is a leader in its industry and committed to the preservation and protection of our environment as well as the enrichment of our communities. An integral part of our business practice, we take every step to ensure we follow environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes. As a key member of the NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) for almost 60 years, we are fully committed to practicing sustainable forestry and sound forest management.

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Consideration for Environmental Stewardship

John Boos & Co. recycles 95 % of all raw materials generated during pro-duction. Our scrap and excess wood are used as sustainable fuel to heat our kilns. The sawdust is used as livestock bedding for our local agricultural partners.

Consideration for the Air

John Boos & Co. also maintains active air quality control in compliance with all local and federal Hazardous Air Pollution Standards (HAPS) regulations and complies with all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air standards.

Consideration for Production Resources

Our hardwood foresters adhere to conservational best practices, and John Boos brand has been recognized as a sustainable and renewable solution for eco-effective design.

Consideration for our Community

We make every effort to give back to our local communities by way of service and charitable organizations. Our hardwood products represent green design choices and we make every effort to instill a culture of consistent environmental responsibility amongst our team.

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