The Ideal BBQ Companion  -Boos Blocks® cutting boards with juice groove

Boos Block® cutting boards are not only known for their robustness, durability and reliability, but also for their deep juice grooves. Our Pro Chef cutting boards with juice grooves are perennial favorites of passionate grill masters and barbecue fans! They rely on them for both food prep and serving, and whether juicy steaks, delicious ribs or crispy sausages, these cutting boards with juice grooves are the perfect choice. It's just not the same if the meat is not prepared and served on a Boos Block®.

The juice groove runs around one side of the cutting board serving like a moat collecting and preventing liquids from spilling over onto the countertops. The other side of these reversible cutting boards have a flat surface and is excellent for all kinds of food prep tasks. Recessed hand grips facilitate easy transport. They are crafted in the John Boos factory from premium quality renewable and sustainable harvested Northern American Hardwoods.

They are also NSF® certified and bear the seal of approval for food safety, sanitation and quality. They are easy to maintain with Boos Blocks® Mystery Oil or Block Cream. 

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Pro Chef Black Walnut Reversible Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Recessed Handles 21
Pro Chef Black Walnut Reversible Cutting Board with Juice Groove and Recessed Handles

51 x 38 x 4cm

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Quality and Craftsmanship forOver 135 Years

All Boos Blocks® products, since 1887, are manufactured by John Boos & Co. in Effingham, IL. Our skilled craftsmen use only sustainably grown and harvested North American hardwood to make the highest quality and functional cutting boards with juice grooves.

Deep Juice Grooves as Part of American Tradition

Boos Blocks® cutting boards do not have just ordinary juice grooves but deep juice grooves that can collect all the liquids when carving turkey, roasts and the like. The Prep Master cutting board goes one step further and features a deep, sloping juice groove that channels the liquids into a stainless-steel pan.

Speaking of turkey, Boos Blocks® has always been part of the great American turkey tradition at Thanksgiving and Christmas, helping to prepare and serve the bird. Thanks to our cutting boards with juice grooves, you can carve the turkey at the table without worrying about juices spilling over on to the table.

Boos Blocks® cutting boards are also used in classic American BBQs. As part of the BBQ culture, they provide a very special experience when grilling ribs, juicy steaks and whatever else you have on the grill. It's just not the same if the meat is not prepared and served on a Boos Block®.

Natural Material withPremium Quality

For us, the only true material for food prep surfaces is hardwood and this is why we use only premium renewable and sustainable sources of North American Hard Maple, Black Walnut and Cherry wood in our factory. Especially when preparing meat, it is important that the work surface offers a perfect cutting experience and is food-safe and hygienic. Our hardwood cutting boards offer the perfect cutting experience and preserve the edge of the knives you may use. Natural properties of our hardwood material also inhibit bacterial growth.

Function and Design Combined

Each cutting board in this collection offers two smooth, but functionally different work surfaces. A juice groove on one side of the board catches escaping juices during food prep and serving. In some cases, the juice groove is sloped to channel the juices into a stainless-steel catch pan. The work surface on the other side is flat and designed for every day food prep tasks in the kitchen. Recessed handles also ensure comfortable transport.

Care Tips for Your Boos® Cutting Boards with Juice Grooves

Each Boos Blocks® cutting board leaves our factory with a food-safe natural oil/beeswax finish. Optimal care of the hardwood includes regular treatment with Boos Blocks® Mystery Oil and/or Board Cream which has also been proven to counteract germs and bacteria. Maintain your Boos® cutting board with juice groove regularly. Always clean your cutting board by HAND (NO DISHWASHER) so that you can enjoy your Boos Blocks® cutting board for years, and can even last a lifetime.