Mobility meets design -Boos® Kitchen and Serving Carts 

Boos® combines functionality with style and North American hardwood with foodservice grade stainless-steel to create a blend of commercial quality kitchen carts and mobile food prep stations. In the USA and around the world, professional and gourmet chefs prefer Boos® kitchen carts because they impress not only with function and versatility, but with style and beauty, both in the kitchen and when serving. They provide a central workspace and make a stunning food prep station or serving cart for your next family gathering, dinner or barbeque party.

Our carts come in different styles and options to suit your requirements in the kitchen. The worktop is made from a choice of beautiful North American Maple, Cherry or Walnut hardwood. The locking casters offer easy mobility so you can move your kitchen cart anywhere, anytime. Store in your kitchen, or roll it outside at your next backyard cookout. A sleek stainless-steel towel rail is located at the end of the cart and is suitable for storing towels as well as for pushing and maneuvering. Drawers and stainless-steel lower shelves are also available and provide additional storage. With proper care these carts and tables can last for generations! Grab your Boos® Kitchen Cart and master the art of creating great culinary food.

Traditional quality since 1887

Boos Blocks® Kitchen Carts are made in Effingham, IL, USA by John Boos & Co. from high quality, renewable and sustainable North American hardwood. Our skilled craftsmen use time-honoured techniques that have been perfected since 1887. This is how we ensure that you always get only the highest quality products from us.

Mix of Hardwood and Stainless-Steel in Modern Form and Function

The combination of natural hardwood colors and stainless-steel delivers a touch of style and elegance that make Boos® kitchen carts stunning and distinct. Only premium quality renewable and sustainable North American hardwoods are used to craft the durable hardwood work surfaces of our kitchen carts.

The robust industrial grade stainless-steel base supporting the worktop is made of premium quality material that offers maximum versatility and long-lasting performance.

Quality Workspace When and Where You Need It

Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or professional chef, one thing every kitchen needs more of is quality and functional workspace. Boos® kitchen and serving carts instantly expands your work surface and storage space.

They add essential functionality to your kitchen, a robust work surface and storage for your outdoor grill, and even a stunning serving cart for your next family gathering or party.

Boos® kitchen carts are not only durable and functional, but combine contemporary style with traditional design to provide a food prep station, storage and serving when and where you need it, in the kitchen, outdoor grill or dining and living areas.

Thoughtful Design with Functional Features 

  • End-grain or edge-grain construction, depending on model
  • Extremely solid and durable
  • Sustainably grown and harvested North American hardwood (Hard Maple, Black Walnut & American Cherry)
  • Separate, enclosed storage space directly under the worktop
  • High-quality stainless steel combined with natural hardwood
  • Effortless opening and closing
  • One or two shelves made of high-quality stainless steel, depending on model
  • Vertical extension of the storage space
  • Partly also usable as wine rack (Wine Cart)
  • High-quality stainless steel bar at one end of the cart
  • Also facilitates maneuvering
  • Make the Kitchen Cart mobile and allow more flexible use
  • Easy to lock in place
  • Also suitable for outdoor use (e.g. terrace or garden)
Where Steel Meets Wood...

Over 100 years ago, John Boos & Co. motto was "Where steel meets wood, Boos Blocks® are best." Back then, wood was the material par excellence for cutting surfaces of all kinds. The large, heavy butcher blocks were the perfect counterpart to the steel of high-quality knives and other cutting implements. Decades later, however, this motto has taken on another meaning. In the Boos® workshops, hardwood and stainless-steel were combined to create this collection of functional and elegant Kitchen Carts. Again, the two materials met, but this time in a completely new way.

John Boos & Co. is the only company of its kind in the USA with both wood manufacturing and stainless-steel fabrication facilities in a single location: Effingham, IL, USA. 

Elegant eye-catcher when serving

While our kitchen carts are primarily intended as an additional work surface and storage, they can also be used as serving carts in a class of their own thanks to their elegant appearance and commercial quality full locking casters. The hardwood worktops, for example, provide the perfect base for your dishes at elegant dinner parties, family celebrations in the garden or barbecues on the terrace. Whether meat, fish, vegetables or cheese, all this and much more cuts a fine figure on Boos® kitchen and serving carts.

Your guests will be delighted and appreciate the warm presence of North American hardwood and the elegant design in combination with stainless-steel. Choose the right one for you from our variety of Kitchen Carts and take your dinner parties, garden parties or barbecues to the next level

The Right Care for Your Boos® Kitchen Carts

Boos® kitchen carts are finished with a food-safe natural oil/beeswax finish or varnique finish. For optimal care of the natural oil/beeswax finish, we recommend using Boos Blocks® Mystery Oil and/or Board Cream, a complementary moisturizer with beeswax. Both products are food safe and effective. With the right care, your kitchen cart will remain a highlight in your kitchen for years to come, even a lifetime.