Maximum Functionality in Practical Design –Boos Block® Prep Masters and Carving Boards

These functional cutting boards have so much to offer! Originally Inspired for carving and serving Thanksgiving Day turkeys in the USA, these reversible carving boards are a popular choice for large family and holiday gatherings. The multi-functional design makes them the smart choice for all your food prep tasks. They feature two but functionally different work surfaces. One side of the board is ideal for carving meat or poultry and features a sloped juice groove to channel cooked juices into stainless-steel catch tray. The reversible side of the board is a flat smooth work surface for chopping, slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables, or mincing fresh herbs.

Use the prep tray on this side to accumulate and transfer chopped ingredients to a stock pot or a mixing bowl to complete a recipe. These 6 cm thick cutting boards also feature an ergonomic handle to facilitate easy transport.

Crafted in the John Boos factory from premium-quality renewable and sustainable harvested North American Hard Maple, these cutting boards with stainless-steel pans are functional, practical and easy to clean and maintain.

Boos® Tradition: Quality & Craftsmanship

For over 135 years now, John Boos & Co. has been proudly making Boos Blocks® cutting boards in Effingham, IL, USA. The manufacturing methods have been perfected accordingly, so that our skilled craftsmen produce only the highest quality carving boards from renewable and sustainable North American hardwood.

Premium Quality Material

For this collection, we only use a premium renewable and sustainable source of North American Hard Maple in our factory. It is the preferred choice for cutting and food prep surfaces and handles juices from carving particularly well and safely. Hard Maple wood is especially hygienic and food-safe due to natural properties inhibiting bacterial growth. It is also odorless and tasteless and has the ideal hardness and grain structure making it gentle on the edge of quality knives.

Practical Functionality

Our designs for this collection are functional and practical from start to finish. These carving boards are reversible by design to have two but functionally different work surfaces. One side of the board is designed for carving cooked meats and poultry and features a sloped juice groove to channel juices to the catch pan. To go further, our Ultimate Carving Board features a pyramid-shaped surface to stabilize cooked meats and poultry. The reversible side of the board features a flat and smooth work surface and is perfect for every day food prep tasks in the kitchen. The prep tray serves to collect and transfer chopped ingredients to a stock pot or a mixing bowl. An ergonomic handle provides ease of transport.

The ultimate carving board

Consider this one of your must-haves if you are a true lover of meat or poultry. The commercial quality toughness and durability of this cutting board combined with its multi-functional design for prep, carving, and serving large sized grilled and roasted meats and poultry have earned it the name, The Ultimate Carving Board.

This board features a solid grid design of pyramids and uses a deep juice groove for channeling and accumulating juices in a stainless-steel catch pan. It has so much to offer, especially if you entertain large parties. And it is perfect for the holidays and large family gatherings!

Care Tips for Your Boos® Prep Masters and Carving Boards

Like every Boos Block® product, our cutting boards with prep trays are finished with the Boos Block® Cream Finish with beeswax. Optimal care of the hardwood includes regular treatment with Boos Block® Mystery Oil and/or Board Cream. Only HAND wash these cutting boards (NO DISHWASHER)! With regular care and maintenance, your Boos Block® carving board will remain a highlight in your kitchen for years, and can even last a lifetime.