Quality That is Passed Down Through Generations -Classic Boos® Butcher Blocks

These iconic Butcher Blocks made by John Boos & Co. are part of America’s heritage. America has been chopping or cutting on a Boos Block since 1887. Generations of professionals and families in the USA are proud owners of these beautifully crafted pieces of fine quality, workmanship and design. These handcrafted blocks are made from select pieces of premium quality, renewable and sustainable Northern American hardwoods. Each block is carefully constructed to strict professional quality standards according to the exact specifications from the late 1880s.

Built to last a lifetime with the proper care, Boos’ famous end-grain design is extremely solid and robust, and resistant to nicks and gouges. It easily absorbs the impact of knife blades, helping protect and keep them sharper longer. Each block is made to order in Effingham, IL, USA and provides an authentic character, beauty and presence in your kitchen. Available in North American Hard Maple, Black Walnut and Cherry hardwood, they come in many sizes and you can also choose from many different color bases. We are proud to offer our classic butcher blocks and butcher block products to our international customers.

Quality and Craftsmanship Since 1887

Boos Blocks® has always stood for only the very best quality. The reputation for quality started in 1887 with the Boos® Butcher Block. Made from high-quality, renewable and sustainable Northern American hardwood, the now classic Boos® Butcher Block remains the perfect example of our sustainable production and exceptional professional quality. No one crafts them the way we do for as long as we have to the same specifications and quality standards.

Your Customized Block to Order: Warmth, Durability and Functionality

To ensure that our Butcher Blocks blend into the design and look of your kitchen, they are available in several different designs and finishes. For example, you have the choice between Hard Maple, Black Walnut and Cherry wood. The blocks also come in different styles and sizes. You can select the size as well as the style and color base that fits best to your kitchen.

All Boos® Butcher Blocks have beveled edges, as well as four sturdy, tapered legs. There is also an optional wood knife holder and blade guard. Just choose your favorite combination and we'll do the rest.

The First Butcher Block – From theBlacksmith’s Shop to the Butcher’s Shop

Founder Conrad Boos was a blacksmith who designed a solid Sycamore block on three legs to absorb the shock of the smith’s hammer against the anvil. The local butcher saw Boos using the block in his blacksmith shop and immediately wanted one for his meat market. Conrad’s son, John, made him one – this was the start of John Boos & Company making butcher blocks for commercial meat markets over 135 years ago.

Committed to making butcher blocks of the highest quality and craftsmanship, Boos® Butcher Blocks found their way into butcher shops, supermarkets, and restaurants, and eventually into home kitchens all over America. Many of these beautifully crafted pieces of fine quality, workmanship and design are now vintage collectibles passed down through generations.

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How to Care for Your Butcher Block

Each Boos® Butcher Block is finished with a food-safe natural oil/beeswax finish. For optimal care of the natural hardwood, we recommend using Boos Blocks® Mystery Oil and/or Board Cream, a complementary moisturizer with beeswax. Both products are food-safe and effective. With the proper care, your Boos® Butcher Block will last a lifetime, and may even become a family heirloom.